We will streamline your IT-outsourcing in Cairo

Same time zone
Scandinavian terms
Talented developers
A third of the price

Our IT-developers in Cairo are talented and hardworking. Universities in Cairo graduate 50.000 IT-candidates every year. That’s why we can easily recruit a talented team for you, based in the same time zone, and for a third of the price

25 M

Inhabitants in Cairo




Educational institutions


IT graduates annually

Why Choose CrossWorkers

Your own development team

Choose your own team of developers who should work for your company

Scandinavian safety

You purchase our services on Scandinavian terms and in your own national currency

Same time zone as Scandinavia

Your IT-developers work in the same time zone as yourself

Save money

Your costs will be the a third of standard Scandinavian prices

Large talent pool

Cairo has a large talent pool of highly educated IT-professionals with high English proficiency and cultural adaptability

A short distance

Five direct flights from Copenhagen every week. Flying time is only 4,5 hours


See how we have helped companies set up their IT-Outsourcing in Cairo

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